A purpose Beyond Profit

                  Axis Bank Foundation is working towards impacting the lives of people from financially and economically excluded communities.

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                  All programs are streamlined under a unified
                  goal to provide sustainable livelihoods to the
                  under privileged and the economically deprived.


                  The Foundation thrive on strategic and robust partnerships with reputed NGOs working at the grassroot level.



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                  To reach out to the most marginalised communities and create sustainable socioeconomic impact in their lives. It also envisages to enhance employability of the able and disable youth with a significantly high focus on women empowerment.



                  Senior Management Visits a Project Site in Dahod, Gujarat


                  Annual Conference 2016


                  Annual Conference 2015



                  Amitabh Chaudhry

                  As a responsible corporate citizen, we remain committed to economic development and growth aligning ourselves to the national priorities. Considering that we are a part of the financial system our role as a catalyst is well defined and we remain prepared for this.

                  In couple of years we will complete 75 years as an independent nation and we have made significant progress on many counts. However, a large section of our population still remains socially and economically excluded from the mainstream development. This needs a different approach. Axis Bank Foundation (ABF) was established in 2006 with this in mind.

                  ABF's flagship program focuses on enabling economic and financial inclusion through livelihoods. It’s our strong belief that unless the livelihood needs are not met adequately, all other social objectives around health, education, nutrition, hygiene etc. will remain under achieved. In the current mission period stretching till 2025, we have set for ourselves a goal of supporting 2 million families under this program. The program will focus on small and marginal farmers, landless, unemployed youth and people with disability from the deep rural communities.

                  We partner with reputed non-governmental organizations, government agencies and other like-minded funding agencies to further this program. We will evolve the program to keep it relevant to needs of people and their economic and social well-being and contribute meaningfully towards country’s development. India is committed to achievement of UN Sustainable Development Goals by 2030 and a lot of collaborative effort amongst the governmental agencies, corporates, civil society organisations and communities is needed. We commit ourselves to this cause in a small way.

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